Theater "Die Käuze"

Englische Woche 2020

Im Rahmen der deutsch-englischen Theaterbegegnungen gastiert das Lace Market Theatre aus Nottingham 2020 in der Woche vor Ostern (KW 15) wieder in zwei Karlsruher Theatern.

Das Jakobus-Theater und das Theater "Die Käuze" laden alle vier Jahre das Lace Market Theater nach Karlsruhe ein. Umgekehrt sind beide Theater regelmäßig in Nottingham zu Gast. Das Lace Market Theater wird im Jakobus und den Käuzen jeweils mit einem Stück drei Gastaufführungen haben. Alle zwei Jahre werden so eine lebendige Theaterpartnerschaft gefeiert und lange Freundschaften gepflegt. Der Theateraustausch existiert bereits seit 1982.


12 € bzw. 7 € mit Ermäßigung

Im Theater "Die Käuze" wird gespielt:

Mo06.04.20:00 Uhr
Di07.04.15:00 Uhr
Mi08.04.20:00 Uhr

A servant for 2 Masters

by Carlo Goldoni
translated by Stephen Mulrine
directed by Jae and Neil Marriot

“Ye gods, what am I going to do? I’m in a fine mess now!”

Betrothed couple Silvio and Clarice are devastated when Clarice’s former fiancé reappears, apparently back from the dead. There follows a high-spirited comedy in which things – and people – aren’t always what they seem.

Lovers, servants, letters that go astray, mistaken identity, disguises and tricks all conspire to create havoc. And right in the middle of it all is the mischief-making Truffaldino – always hungry, always eager to make more money. Not content to be the servant of just one master, he agrees to work for another as well. But trying to juggle two jobs at the same time – while concealing his divided loyalties – just makes matters worse.

In this eighteenth-century Venetian comedy, Goldoni gives depth of character to the stock archetypes of Italy’s commedia dell’arte tradition

This amateur production appears by arrangement with Nick Hern books.

Außerdem im Jakobus-Theater:

Mo06.04.20:00 Uhr
Di07.04.20:00 Uhr
Mi08.04.15:00 Uhr

Nell Gwynn

by Jessica Swale
directed by David Partridge

“We won’t allow it. It is – unsuitable. The King has a nation to command. You are a distraction.”

London, 1660. After years of civil war and Puritan rule, England is ruled by a king once again – a king with a passion for the arts, fine living, theatre and women.

The merry monarch’s latest infatuation is Nell Gwynn, a young girl from the brothels of Cheapside who has found fame as an actress on the London stage. As lover to the King, Nell must contend with the jealous rivalry of Charles’ other mistresses, the disapproval of his courtiers, the exasperation of her theatre colleagues and the pressures of life in the public gaze.

Jessica Swale’s dazzling period comedy premiered aptly at London’s Globe Theatre in 2015. It paints a vivid portrait of the Restoration court and theatre, and of a woman with some very modern ideas about love, sex and status.

This amateur production appears by arrangement with Nick Hern books with the original music by Nigel Hess.

(Contains strong language and sexual themes)